Missing Person Announcement - Reward if Found

This is Eric Foster, brother of Ashley Foster one of the missing kids.

I have been digging into what happened for years, I’ll tell you what I know from the little I’ve gained.

My sister Ashley and her friends decided to take a vacation in Italy. Why Italy? One of her friends, Chris Daly, had a family mansion, it was in the northern area. North Italy is covered in forest. It is mountainous, it’s isolated, it's huge. Chris’s family wanted him to check in on the mansion. My sister and the rest of the group went along to make it a holiday.

Police have airport security cam footage showing they arrived at Linate Airport and drove out together.

Chris was the first to go to Italy. He left a week earlier to take care of legal issues involving the family estate and the mansion, in Milan with family lawyers to see if there was a possibility of selling the old property. Everyone else flew out later from New York including Chris’ girlfriend, Jodie Summers.

They were all last seen leaving Linate Airport around 11.00 a.m. in a vintage minivan rented under Chris Daly’s name.
These are the pictures of the minivan, taken by police at the mansion.

We have one text sent saying ‘we have arrived’.
My sister called and left a message on my answering machine letting me know she got there safe. She mentioned the mansion and she mentioned how it disturbed her. There was nothing else, no other messages and no one saw them again.

Police have found no reason why they disappeared, or where they went to. The only clues were mobile phones and some clothes that were left behind.  

Mobile phones didn’t record high-quality video, it’s first-generation technology. Everything recorded is pixelated and dark. Impossible to see anything, despite how chilling and frightening they make you feel while you’re watching. I’ve looked them over 100 times now if not more.

Unfortunately, what those videos are not, is compelling evidence of anything tangible that police can use to justify further investigation. Or in other words: they’ve got squat. Nothing. No crime. No clear evidence and just a few shaky blurry mobile phone videos. At the end of the day, it just isn’t enough.

But I knew. You’d have to be stone-cold dead to see and hear those video’s and not feel something was really wrong. What facts I do know is: no one’s helping me find the truth. I’m on my own.

What you are about to see is REAL. All the footage gained is from the official investigation but because the police have closed this, it means I can now post everything and use it all to help me search for the truth of what really happened to my sister.


If you have any information on this case or have seen any of the six missing persons, please contact David Paine - Security and Investigation at 719.444.7000
Do NOT call your local police department.

I need your help!

Please feel free to share this information on social media and wherever you live, worldwide.

STILL MISSING - names and pictures on following  pages
Missing since July. 27, 2008 from Manhattan, NY. 


Please contact either David Paine, Security and Investigation (number above), or myself if you have any tips or information about the disappearance or where abouts of my sister Ashley Foster and or her friends.


Thank You

Names of all six missing:

- Ashley Foster,
- Valery Milton,
- Jodie Summers,
- Chris Daly,
- Nick Jenkins,
- Mark Riviera

Missing since July 29, 2008 while on vacation in northern Italy.
The group landed safely in Milan. Last seen leaving Linate Airport in a red/white vintage minivan.

A reward of $125,000 has been raised by the family of the group.
After 3 weeks of investigation, the Italian police have closed the file as, ‘unsolved’.

No bodies or any solid evidence has been found. They vanished.



This is what we know, so far ...