In 2008, six friends from NY decide to vacation together in Italy, they think they are in for a smooth and easy two weeks full of beers, partying, and fun. Their vacation soon turns sinister when strange thing starts to happen and more than that when they learn of the mansions devastating history and realize that there is more to the house than anyone could have expected. After accidentally they find a book that take them to a sealed grave, they unleash an ancient witch, A STRIGE, an unnamed and unstoppable demoniac force thirsty of blood. The group goes out of control the mansion and the forest surrounding with no success, the witch claim them to certain death, one after the other. Ashley, the more empathetic of the group, wakes up with a start on her apartment in NY city, she is shocked, flight tickets for Italy on the table in front of her and his boyfriend Nick is taking a shower......was it only a dream?...or perhaps a premonition?


Country: United Kingdom

Language: English

Film: Feature

Genre: Horror, thriller, supernatural

Run Time: 90 minutes

Format: 4K, Dolby Digital 5.1, Stereo, 2.40:1



 Born in Italy, Luca G. Rossetti is a film director made a name for himself in the international visual effects industry with his art creation, concept designing, and stunning visuals.
Starting as a commercial director with brands such as Nike and Hyundai, his unique art style and talent allowed him to quickly transition and thrive with concept designing, matte painting, enabling his eventual step towards art directing.
During his 20 years in the industry, Luca has worked on many blockbuster movies and with many great talented individuals. He has contributed a great deal of visual effects creations including academy award-winning and nominated pictures.
 Some of his recent credits include: -  
“The Six Billion Dollar Man”, “Vanity Fair”, “Kursk”, “STAR WARS : Rogue One”, “The Mummy”, “Sleepy Hollow”, “Fear the Walking Dead”, “Britannia”: the new Neil Marshall's TV series, (Game of Thrones’ Emmy-nominated ) “Alice in Wonderland 2: through the looking glass”, “Divergent”, “Captain America: the winter Soldier”, “Wolverine : The Immortal”, “White House Down”, “The Great Gatsby”, “47 Ronin”, “Snow White and the Huntsman”, “Total Recall”, “Life of Pi”, “Conan the Barbarian”, “Harry Potter 7”, not to mention, TV Series, ADV and Videogames Cinematics.

Luca G. Rossetti is a VES member since 11 May 2011.
His body of work has been contributed to many VFX projects in major films. He has received many VES nominations and awards and was accepted into the guild for his meticulous work on Harry Potter 7.

Now as creator/writer, Luca has co-written and produced, “The Edge of Humanity”, and,“The Reboot”, two short films, both made for international film festivals. "The Reboot" won 2 film awards in Los Angeles and 1 selection to the Palm Spring Festival.



Massimo Pozzi, Director, DoP, filmmaker, started his career collaborating with large media operations such as SKY, Discovery, Comedy Central, AXN, Axn Sci-fi, Asus, Sony, Nintendo, LG, Heineken, Coca-Cola, Scavolini, Giorgio Armani, Bata, Intesa San Paolo and many others.


He founded Vision Film in 1999, a consolidated company that creates quality videos, able to satisfy any production request: from shooting in any situation, to post production, from motion graphics, to live streaming, mobile direction and the creation of television and web formats.

From 2010 to 2016 he was Director of Production for Gametime.

In 2017 he signs for the direction of a car racing format and follows the entire workflow, sponsored by PORSCHE on DMAX
Miodrag has a long track record of successfully developing projects from cradle to grave, spanning multiple countries. He is an adaptable executive with a unique gift for creating and nurturing mainstream, commercial, and motion pictures.
His lead role in visual effects can be attributed to over 30 Hollywood Feature Films, including Academy Awards winners and nominees such as “Inception”, “Hugo”, “The Golden Compass”, “The Dark Knight”, “Watchmen”, “Red Tails”, “The Amazing Spiderman-2” and that is literally only naming a few.
His commercial visual effects achievements are also many with hits such as Evian’s "Skating Babies" YouTube 2009 year's most-watched commercial, Volkswagen's 2012 Hovering Car "People's Car", the first-ever Chinese production to hit the international market, and Campari Red Passion - The Secret directed by Tarsem.
Most recently, he was co-producer alongside Anjul Nigam, on Oscar Winner Cuba Gooding Jr.'s directorial debut, “Louisiana Caviar”, which stars Gooding Jr., Oscar Winner, Richard Dreyfuss, Famke Janssen, and Katharine McPhee.
Current consultancies include Nucleus Media Rights, Mir Media Group, (a leader in Serbia and International Film Market - AI Rising distributed by Lionsgate ), QC Media - Theatrical Distributor (Beijing ), CMR VisualElite (High end Digital Exhibitions powered by AR, MR and VR media), IQIYI Pictures, Pharos Film Company, Skyforth Investment Fund (Shenzhen), Zohar Film (Leader in producing online TV series for China Market), Talisman Studios (Pakistan), Marvelous Pictures LTD and HECAT Studio to name only a few.


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