Searching For Clues

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Police report all six members of a small group missing Tuesday, July 29th, 2008. Last known location: wooded area in north Italy, within the "Valle Codera" region.

Officers of the Italian Police department have said search and rescue crews would refocus their efforts on Friday morning thanks to new evidence, but they did not offer details on what they found.

Julian Morris, press officer for the NYPD, had this to say during today’s press conference, "I’m not at liberty to divulge what we’ve found at this point, just that we can say it is something that has changed the type of searching we will be doing moving forward from today.”

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Manuel Grimaldi

Manuel Grimaldi is a veteran paranormal investigator, committed to the study, research, analysis, collection, and dissemination of all things defined, "paranormal".
He is also a prolific author, spending most of his free time lifting the veil to let the world get a good look-see at what is lurking just behind.
His research and writings have a large audience, he is well published, and you will find his work in books, articles, websites, films, and self-produced short films.
As well as paranormal investigative work, Manuel also regularly writes on his exploration of parapsychology, demonology, and regional iconic legend.

As an independent journalist, Manuel was informed of the tragic case of the lost six in northern Italy and he has followed it as it has moved from police to private investigation. Manuel is well versed in all the details of the events surrounding Villa Domintrescu and he doesn’t believe the group walked away on their own nor that the facts, photo, and other scant evidence honestly tell what really happened.

Manuel also claims to have found evidence the police had missed after combing the mansion and grounds.
According to Manuel Grimaldi, the disappearance of the group is linked to paranormal phenomena.