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Beyond the Fiction


Development of "The UNKIND" Project began in 2017/2018.

While Marvelous Pictures LTD was pushing ahead with funding sources for SCI-FI scripts and concepts in development, Luca G. Rossetti founder and producer of Marvelous Pictures LTD, had a fortuitous meeting with Atomic Monster Productions.
The meeting itself didn’t end with any spectacular announcement but it did give Luca a moment to stop and realize that story development for his studio should be broader than just the SCI-FI realm. Sure it was true that Luca’s passion started with spectacular backgrounds and visual effects but those disciplines in filmmaking aren’t exclusive to the SCI-FI genre.

Why not make horror movies?

Horror films have less CGI/VFX/Special-Effects needs compared to SCI-Fi films and because of that horror films can be lucrative, which has long made them a Hollywood staple. And considering Hollywood is more desperate than ever to find risk-averse ways to reach audiences who are more comfortable kicking back at home watching content online or by a streaming choice, the horror genre should be considered a real budget-friendly option to a studios’ bottom line.
Marvelous Pictures LTD would produce a horror but it would be created and written in-house.

Script development took bundled notions, oddities and "witch myths" to carry the themes of ‘unknown and scary’, while weaving in the characterizations of an ancient evil known as, ‘Striges’, and ‘Graeae’ to ultimately form the main antagonist to the storyline. The creators used many inspirations, including cultural references to ancient Norse and Viking lore along with writing in elements of local witch legend from the northern mountain region of Italy.

Titled, ‘The Unkind’, the premise is simple and straight forward. Take an ancient mansion in a desolate location; a place where bad things have happened, and move in a group of young, curious, friends on holiday. They are ready to enjoy themselves, each other, and a forbidden environment begging them to explore and unwittingly release an ancient force that lay dormant within.

Adding to the excitement of the birth of our first fully developed horror movie is we have continued the story development for, ‘The Unkind’, into two more scripts, part II and III to produce this project as a trilogy.


Pre-production with the Director of photography and the production designer - February/March 2019.
The locations scouting and the actor's research took 2 months.
Production budget set for a 2-month shoot. Inclement weather caused the schedule to go a little longer.



Principal photography began on June 01, 2019.
Most of the film was shot in the north of Italy and part in NY city.  Remainder of the scenes were filmed on location in a forest close to the set mansion that is authentic.
During filming, the actors and crew did a stunning job pushing themselves to their professional limits. Weather unpredictability added to stress to both actors and crew which translated very well on film, helping to convey the sense of unease in the script.
Filming paused the end of July for a break and wrapped by mid-September after an additional two weeks of shooting.